Warehouse Manager Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Warehouse Manager?

Warehouse Manager in Tukwila:
Be sure you understand the business you're in and the type of people you need to be successful.

Warehouse Manager in Woods Cross:
"Email, Shipping, Receiving, Organizing the warehouse."
Pros: Organize, Shipping, Receiving, trust with some things. I can Organize how I think is best.
Cons: I don't have a way to unlock the warehouse. I have to wait until someone out of the country unlocks the door.

Warehouse Manager in Carrollton:
"Keep an open mind."
Be able to change priorities at the drop of a hat.

Warehouse Manager in El Paso:
"Recognize My Experience & Effort."
Im a very responsable and honest person ,that is looking for a new job to use all my experience and been well paid.

Warehouse Manager in Montgomery:
"Work smarter not harder."
Listen to the workers.

Warehouse Manager in Kingsport:
Find another career, this career is no longer appreciated.

Warehouse Manager in Fort Worth:
Treat everyone the way you want to be treated, never put yourself in a compromising position.