Warehouse Supervisor Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Warehouse Supervisor?

Warehouse Supervisor in Salt Lake City:
"Good company, good benefits, shaky stability, random growth."
Pros: Good benefits and friendly environment.
Cons: Unstable management. Constant restructuring.

Warehouse Supervisor in Grand Rapids:
"Great role delegating staff to get worl done efficiently."
Pros: Order pulling, data entry and shipping.
Cons: Not able to determine hours each week for a stable income.

Warehouse Supervisor in Wylie:
"The goods, and the bads..."
Pros: Everybody is laid back, and its a good work environment.
Cons: They ask me to do more than what I get paid for...

Warehouse Supervisor in Mesquite:
"Rewarding Work."
Pros: The learning experience and the management. The ability to be creative and lead/ develop my team members.
Cons: The increased work responsibility without reflective compensation.

Warehouse Supervisor in Bronx:
"Good and the bad."
Pros: I'll learn everything hands on all aspects of warehousing operations and apply them.
Cons: Workloads are overwhelming and a lot of responsibility.

Warehouse Supervisor in Bellingham:
"Working the Warehouse."
Pros: I like that I work with people dort of a customer sevice type job. I over see our Administartion supplies warehouse and provide office supplies to our Organization. I also do shipping and recieveing which can be a pain some times. But it is ok. I order requested supplies on a weekly basis and provide any help our dept needs. I back up all positions in our Dept as well. If one of our staff is sick or needs time off I am capable of picking up the slack.
Cons: Its a tedious job and get overwhelming at times. Having to work with people who come with colds or dealing with people who cpomplain that they didint get their deliverys yet and expect me to know where it is at. When they are the ones who ordered it.

Warehouse Supervisor in Ripon:
"Diesel mechanics."
Pros: The things that I like the most about my job was working with motors the come alive.
Cons: The things that I least like about the job was getting very filthy.