Web Designer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Web Designer?

Web Designer in Fort Myers:
"Underpaid and Overworked."
Pros: The only good thing about being a Web Designer at this company are the perks (free food/drinks) and benefits of 401k and Medical Insurance. The people here are really nice and like to hang out and chat when on breaks. Ping pong table and XBox One in break room.
Cons: I have been working here 3 years and I am severely underpaid. I can barely pay my bills and live how I want to. I asked for raises to match Florida salary but was denied multiple times. The workload is horrendous and not managed properly at all. Managers are more concerned about your numbers (closed jobs) than your actual creative quality of your work. You're basically treated like a robot and if you don't work fast enough and get your numbers high, you're in huge trouble. The A/C is on full-blast and everyone has a heater by their desk just to try to stay warm. We were taken over by Autotrader because our upper management was running the company to the ground. We are starting to pick back up again but it's a slow and painful process.

Web Designer in Milwaukee:
"Relaxed corporate atmosphere building enterprise software."
Pros: Very relaxed atmosphere: free coffee/soda, casual dress code, flexible schedule, etc. Lots of paid time off and paid holidays.
Cons: The pay scale for my position hasn't been reviewed in years and is reasonable for someone with half my skill-set.

Web Designer in Dallas:
"Corporate Culture."
Pros: Overall great company with wonderful people.
Cons: Time sensitive deadlines that are often times unrealistic to meet.