Web Designer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Web Designer?

Web Designer in Greenville:
"City Culture."
Pros: City Culture walkability and community.
Cons: City size, lack of options and small town feel.

Web Designer in Lincoln:
"Graphic Design."
Pros: The flexibility and freedom to design.
Cons: The stress on if we can get more work or not.

Web Designer in Weatherford:
Ask if the job requires you to be proficient as a Web Programmer as well as a Web Designer.

Web Designer in New York:
"It's not about the design process, it's about the results."
Study business so you learn how to show the value of design to the bottom line. It will make you a superstar.

Web Designer in 76134:
Pros: Fun, Upbeat, Fast-Paced, Work Independently at times.
Cons: Unprofessional, Not structured, Verbal Abuse, Legal Sweatshop type company, Never payed on time.

Web Designer in Piscataway:
"Web Designer is not isolation business."
You need to know how to deal with people one on one if you want to be successful in this Web Designer Business. It comes down to relationships.

Web Designer in Okoboji:
Pros: Flexibility and laid back office.
Cons: The unorganized office.