Geographic pay differentials for remote workers

Workforce compositions are changing, and organizations need a fast and adaptive response. Payscale geo differentials data supports compensation strategies for distributed teams and remote work.

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View geo differentials for over 10,000 locations across the US for the last 2 years by quarter or by year and drill down to see differentials broken out by job family.


Apply geo differentials using either our data or yours to understand how your jobs are positioned to market and the salary range through the lens of geographic location.

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Price jobs by location for remote workers

Driving a location-based pay strategy was historically manual, time consuming, and not built for scale, but with Payscale it's fast, easy, granular, and integrated

  • Smart: Add differentials en masse across structures and at the employee level
  • Simple: Model adjustments to base pay for specific employees by location
  • Quick: Apply with one click and bring employees to market instantly
  • Timely: Review data any time by quarter and by year with two years of history

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Payscale offers managed services to help you develop a compensation strategy for multiple locations and remote work.

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