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Recent pay transparency legislation and worker expectations are forcing organizations to swiftly and fundamentally change how they approach pay. Payscale has a comprehensive solution that empowers organizations with consistent compensation practices to increase confidence pay decisions.

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Payscale’s Pay Transparency Software Solution

Pay Transparency from Payscale is a comprehensive solution combining salary data, compensation management software, and professional services that empowers organizations to develop fair and equitable compensation to increase confidence in salary ranges posted on job descriptions, openly communicate pay, and build trust in consistent pay practices.

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Comp philosophy & strategy

We help you create or retool your compensation philosophy and pay strategy to embed fair pay as part of your talent strategy through professional services.

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Market data

We help you build a foundation with a competitive market data strategy leveraging HR-reported data through Peer and Employee Reported data that is proven to accurately reflect the market.

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Pay structures

We help you develop standardized salary structures that ensure fair pay, resulting in pay ranges you can confidently post on job descriptions.

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Manager training

We help you facilitate training with your managers on your pay philosophy and pay structures to empower managers to have effective pay conversations and improve employee relationships.

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Employee pay communications

Communicate pay to your employees through tools and resources to improve pay perception and build an engaged workforce of employees who understand their pay.


Data Insights

Access real-time information about your compensation strategy and pay to share with business leadership and people managers.

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