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No career site or blog is complete without direct access to accurate salary information. PayScale tools provide your visitors to your site with accurate, real-time salary data - for free.  Enhance your user experience by providing accurate salary data and useful career tools.

Salary Calculator Widget
The PayScale Salary Calculator
Visitors can quickly evaluate their salary without leaving your site. Learn more
Tools for Job Listings
The PayScale Salary Calculator for Job Listings
A bookmarklet that provides salary data for specific job listings. Learn more
The PayScale Chart Generator
Access thousands of charts from the PayScale Research Center. Learn more.
Logos, Links & Banners
PayScale Logos, Links and Banners
Clickable links and logos to connect your visitors to salary data. Learn more.
Logos, Links & Banners
PayScale College Salary Report Badges
Add a PayScale Best Colleges badge to your school's website or blog. . Learn more.

PayScale's Co-Branded Programs

In addition to salary data syndication, we also offer co-branded programs for high traffic web sites. To learn more, please contact

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