The PayScale Salary Calculator for Job Listings

Installation instructions:

  1. Cut and paste the HTML from the box on the left into all pages where you want the Salary Calculator Widget for Job Listings to appear.
  2. Use the HTML from the box on the right to add a link to each job listing and to the job listing details page. Replace the example job title, city, state, and country with the values associated with each listing.
  3. Valid values for country are: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, India, New Zealand, Ireland.
  4. State is not required for United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Ireland.
  5. You may also wish to add a Salary Calculator to your job listing details page and use the job, city, state, and country query string parameters to preset the form values.
  6. If you have any questions, contact customer service.


Help visitors quickly calculate the salary range for the job titles listed on your site.
Your visitors will click on the PayScale icon next to the job title and get immediate job-specific salary data without opening another window or launching a separate calculator.

  • Salary data appears next to each job title
  • Keeps traffic from leaving your page
  • Implements into your site quickly and easily
  • Users do not need to input data into a form or calculator

Working Examples:


  • Registered Nurse - Seattle, Washington
  • Sr. Software Developer - London, England
  • Credit Analyst - Houston, Texas Research Salary

Use of the PayScale Syndication tools is subject to PayScale's terms of use.


Add this once to your page

Add this to every job listing

Tip: Enhancing Job Titles

PayScale's Salary Calculator for Job Listings has advanced intelligence for matching job titles provided in listings to job titles in our database. You can improve that likelihood of good matches by encouraging the listing companies to enter job titles that are specific and as free as possible of extraneous information. You may encourage this by having separate fields for the title of the job listing and the actual job title.

Tip: Get Specific with Location

State is required for the U.S. and Canada. For the U.S. and Canada state may be the full state or province name or the two letter abbreviation. For the US we support the fifty states plus "District of Columbia" ("DC"). For Canada we support the thirteen provinces and territories. For the list of supported states for other countries, please see the Salary Calculator. If provided with a city, the Salary Calculator will attempt to display a salary report based on that specific metropolitan area. If no city is provided, the city provided is not recognized, or there is insufficient data for the city, then a state-wide or national report will be generated.