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Creating a satisfying, well-paid career gets easier when you know what sort of education, skills and abilities are in demand in the marketplace. Use PayScale's data packages on our salary and career data to guide you.
See the disconnect between recent graduates and employers on current state of workforce preparedness.
For all the money you spend, which school ensures that you earn it all back, plus more? PayScale runs the numbers on college tuition ROI.
Tech is hot, and tech employers know it. But is one tech employer really better than the others? PayScale takes a look.
But it's more complicated than you think. Find out how job type, leadership, and other factors affect pay inequity.
How will your college education pay off? Compare post- graduate salaries of more than 1,519 colleges and 300 majors.
Who thinks that their job makes the world a better place? We ranked 500 common jobs on job meaning & salary.
PayScale's Guide to Early Career Success has all the information you need to start your career off successfully.
Find the job of your dreams with PayScale's newest tool. Match preferences about salary, education level & more.
Find out which restaurant workers rely on your tips the most and which cities tip their waiters, waitresses, chefs and bartenders most generously.
Find out how Gen Y workers compare to older generations in terms of work attitudes, employer loyalty and unique skills.
Why do 43% of people tell PayScale they are under-employed?
Many CEOs earn millions a year, but how does their pay compare to the average worker at their company?
Find out which companies hire employees for the long-term, & where workers have serious commitment issues.
After a year of record gains, the PayScale Index saw a slow-down in wage growth, and even a few decreases.
From bullied billing clerks to tormented tellers, dealing with a bad supervisor can be hell.
Tattooed & tech-savvy, Gen Y has a reputation unlike any other. PayScale reveals Millennials' job choices, education, salaries and more.
Are you a tech rock star? Here's where to find the best startup jobs.