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Fresh Data, Software and Analytics with a Dedicated Compensation Expert

With a subscription to Insight Expert, you get everything you need to formalize your compensation strategy. You'll gain access to the freshest, largest, most detailed salary dataset in the world; easy-to-use cloud compensation software that precisely matches your workforce to the market; and a Certified Compensation Professional (CCP) who will be dedicated to your success either for a one-time project or on an ongoing basis for the duration of your subscription, depending on which level of service you choose.

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Software and Analytics

Streamline Salary Benchmarking

Don't waste time responding to surveys and trying to force your diverse jobs to fit into one-size-fits all job descriptions, only to have to spend even more time aging, point-factoring and adjusting the data to fit. Upload your entire organization in minutes, define your positions one time and you are ready to benchmark thousands of unique positions (or employees) at any time, against matching market rates, with a few mouse clicks.

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Set and Adjust Pay Ranges

Let us do the math for you. Easily create and maintain pay ranges that align with your company's compensation strategy. Further refine the target pay ranges for different categories of employee, for example, by function/by level. Insight will create range minimums, midpoints and maximums based on the strategy you set.

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Get Pay Right and Identify Flight Risks

Don't risk losing employees by underpaying them, or losing money by overpaying them. Are you paying fairly across the organization, or are some groups of employees paid more than others? PayScale Insight shows you where potential trouble spots lie.

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Price Jobs in Multiple Geographies, Industries or Company Size with MDA

The Market Differentials Analysis (MDA) feature shows how pay varies for a set of selected jobs across selected markets. PayScale's new MDA feature accounts for market, industry and geographic variances with a pinpoint accuracy unavailable anywhere else. It uses actual, real-time market data for your workforce and markets instead of more generalized cost of living geographic differentials that don't fit.

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Allocate Pay Increases

Drive performance with a well-crafted reward strategy. Carefully and easily decide who gets a raise, how much, and why. Start with your budget for raises. Determine the pay-for-performance approach that best suits your organization, and with the click of a button, PayScale generates recommended raises for your people.

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Create Executive Reports

Have the confidence to know that you've nailed compensation with PayScale. Elegant executive-view reporting makes it easy to talk about comp with your leadership team. Clear, thorough reports help your executive team make smart business decisions.

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Easily Drill Down

PayScale's Analytics Launchpad helps you easily spot pay issues before they become crises with side-by-side compensation analysis views. Quickly launch dynamic reports to identify grade structures that are out-of-line with the market, positions in industries with fluctuating pay, employees that are flight risks or have out-of-range salaries.

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Fresh Compensation Data

Access in Real-Time and On-Demand

On-demand access to the largest, most detailed and up-to-date salary database in the world. Not only does our data correlate one-to-one with traditional survey data, you get improved accuracy with PayScale's robust and real-time data. With PayScale's rich data you'll know how pay works and why.

  • 250 pay factors, including years of experience, special certifications, skills, size of budget and team managed.
  • 36,000,000 salary profiles.
  • 14,000 job titles.
  • 250 compensable factors.
  • 2,500 subscription customers.
  • 11 countries.

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Support and Training

Get Top Tier Support and Services with an Insight Expert Subscription

Fast to implement, easy to use, PayScale Insight Expert is cloud-based software as a service (SaaS). For you, that means no worries about hardware, installation or maintenance. Just log in and go! We support you with these premium services:

  • Extensive training gets you up and running fast.
  • All job matching and job pricing are completed for you.
  • On-call support is available to answer your questions.
  • A dedicated Account Manager is there to serve you throughout the life of your service with us.
  • Email and phone support 9am to 8pm EST.

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Expert Services

Ensure Success with a Dedicated CCP

Only available with the Insight Expert subscription, a dedicated CCP will ensure your compensation plan is successful. Choose from two levels of service:


With one-time professional services, a PayScale CCP will work with you to get your Insight subscription off to a successful start. With one-time professional services, your dedicated CCP will:

  • Evaluate your current compensation structures and practices.
  • Work with you to formulate your compensation strategy.
  • Develop and implement your new compensation structure.


With PayScale’s Ongoing professional services, your dedicated CCP will stay with you for the duration of your Insight subscription once the initial compensation structure project detailed above has been completed. Additional professional services you receive ensure your continued compensation plan success. With ongoing professional services your dedicated CCP will:

  • Manage your compensation plan on an ongoing basis.
  • Perform quarterly compensation check-ups on a routine schedule.
  • Conduct an annual refresh of your compensation structure and make recommendations for salary increases.
  • Train your managers to have compensation conversations with employees.

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