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HR Leadership in Difficult Times: Implementing RIFs, Reorganizations and Freezes

HR Leadership in Difficult Times: Implementing Reductions in Force, Reorganizations and Freezes Forced to make difficult decisions about headcount and the deployment of human capital, many organizations are turning to reductions in force (RIFs), reorganization and hiring and salary freezes as a means of reducing HR costs. While an effective reduction in force can bring immediate relief to the bottom line, implementation is not easy. If handled ineffectively, a reduction in force can result in loss of key talent, disengagement - and at worst, litigation.

The second in PayScale's "Leading in Difficult Economic Times" Series, this reduction in force webinar examines how HR leaders can ensure that workforce management strategies are executed successfully. PayScale's Director of Customer Service, Stacey Carroll, CCP, SPHR, will examine the analysis, decision-making and workforce-wide communication approaches that can make the difference between an effective and ineffective approach to reductions in force. Participants will receive detailed "to-do" lists that enumerate the best practices in managing their organizations through RIFs, reorganizations and freezes.
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