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Profiles in Success
Bob Leyh
Director of Human Resources
Tech Flow

About Tech Flow

"We're a government contracting services organization, serving the federal government nationally. We're a growing company - started the year with 45 employees and will finish with more than 130 after acquiring another company. Having accurate compensation data during this time of transition and growth is extremely important."

How do you use PayScale?
"I use PayScale for every new hire. The depth of information - geographically and for so many different positions, is critical in my role. I also use it annually for performance reviews. I'm looking every year at prevailing markets, what they're paying for salaries in a wide variety of positions. With PayScale, I can drill down deeper than with any other compensation survey.

I need to see specific jobs, and PayScale is good at that. I go out regularly and look at other survey tools. They're all too general. I need something specific, and PayScale provides that."

Why did you choose PayScale?

"I need the ability to drill down to specific roles, and be more cost-effective in pricing jobs throughout our organization. I can get creative with how to build, sort and save different role reports with PayScale. It's easy to use, cost effective, and their customer support is very friendly and very helpful."

How has PayScale specifically saved your organization time and money?
"In our business, we submit proposals as a contractor for various government bids. We have to be competitive and accurate when we make those bids. If we submit a proposal and price ourselves out of the market, we lose the work. We also have to make sure we know exactly what the market bears, or else run the risk of overpaying or overpromising certain pay that's not viable.

PayScale allows me to be very accurate in pricing jobs for outbound bids, as well as with our existing staff. If someone comes to me and asks for more money, I can quickly get access to the detailed information I need to back up my decision with hard data that everyone in the organization respects."