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Business Development Manager
Median Salary: RUB 2,034,730
"A business development manager plays many different roles related to helping a business grow." 
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Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Median Salary: RUB 4,046,043
"A chief executive officer (CEO) is someone who is in charge of an organization and normally makes the vast majority of all business related executive decisions." 
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Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Median Salary: RUB 3,528,388
"The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is a top executive position among all businesses in which the position is incorporated." 
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Java Developer
Median Salary: RUB 766,455
"Java developers create complex web-based applications." 
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Project Manager, Information Technology (IT)
Median Salary: RUB 1,228,902
"Information technology (IT) project managers lead their technical team(s) in design and development tasks." 
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Software Developer
Median Salary: RUB 607,781
"Software developers are the people who create the different programs that computers use for everything they do." 
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Software Engineer
Median Salary: RUB 703,340
"A software engineer is responsible developing and maintaining software applications and/or systems that function reliably and efficiently." 
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Sr. Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer
Median Salary: RUB 1,044,264
"Senior software engineers/developers/programmers are in charge of a team of computer professionals who develop the different software programs sold by software companies or used by various businesses." 
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Salary Ranges for Popular Schools

Heriot-Watt University
RUB 1,457,617 - RUB 3,360,000

Moscow Academy of Informatics and Instrumentation
RUB 489,796 - RUB 1,515,960

Moscow High School
RUB 492,000 - RUB 1,257,143

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
RUB 96,299 - RUB 9,863,257

Moscow State University
RUB 540,000 - RUB 3,142,857

Saint Petersburg University
RUB 427,293 - RUB 2,594,157

Salary Ranges for Popular Degrees

Associate's Degree
RUB 300,000 - RUB 2,400,000

Bachelor of Science (BS / BSc), Computer Science (CS)
RUB 234,000 - RUB 1,901,500

Bachelor's Degree
RUB 353,055 - RUB 3,830,621

Doctor of Medicine (MD)
RUB 920,000 - RUB 1,708,000

Doctorate (PhD)
RUB 217,449 - RUB 5,959,759

Juris Doctor (JD), Master of Jurisprudence, or Master of Law (LLM)
RUB 1,860,000 - RUB 17,314,286

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
RUB 1,047,146 - RUB 5,330,391

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