Special Features

Whether you're searching for a new job or planning for a promotion, PayScale has plenty of salary and career
information to help you on your way. See how we've visualized our data by creating data packages and
infographics that make it easier and more fun to grow your career.
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Data Packages

Our data packages highlight especially interesting and useful information from our database. They are designed
to help you make better decisions about your next career move. Explore all of our data packages.
Track trends in wages for full-time private industry employees in 20 metros, 15 industries, 19 job categories & three company sizes.
Choosing a school? Let PayScale tell you which colleges and degrees will earn you the most cash after graduation.
For all the money you spend, which school ensures that you earn it all back, plus more? PayScale runs the numbers on college tuition ROI.
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We love our salary and career data, and we especially like making pretty pictures with it. From fashion to wage
trends, we have created fun and useful infographics that teach and entertain you. See all of our infographics.
Which jobs are recent military veterans well-trained for andlikely to find? Technology jobs top the list, according
to PayScale.
When employees in the fashion industry flock to New York Fashion Week, how does their pay compare? See the salaries on the scene.
CEOs earn millions a year, but how does their pay compare to the average worker at their company? PayScale lists the highest earners.