PayScale Special Features

Whether you're searching for a new job or planning for a promotion, PayScale has plenty of salary and career information to help you on your way. See how we've visualized our data by creating data packages and infographics that make it easier and more fun to grow your career.

Data Packages

Our data packages highlight especially interesting and useful information from our database. They are designed to help you make better decisions about your next career move. Explore all of our data packages.
How will your college education pay off? Compare post- graduate salaries of more than 1,000 colleges and 100 majors.
Track trends in wages for full-time private industry employees in 20 metros, 15 industries, 19 job categories & three company sizes.
For all the money you spend, which school ensures that you earn it all back, plus more? PayScale runs the numbers on college tuition ROI.
Why do 43% of people tell PayScale they are under-employed?


We love our salary and career data, and we especially like making pretty pictures with it. From fashion to wage trends, we have created fun and useful infographics that teach and entertain you. See all of our infographics.
Does it pay to party? PayScale compares the post-graduate earnings of the most legendary party schools in the US to prim and proper sober schools.
PayScale users dish about their coworkers. Read on to find out who loves their teammates and who wants to call in sick every day, just to avoid their colleagues.
PayScale consults our data to find out what NBA superstars would earn if they pursued careers in their college majors.
PayScale reveals how workers in cities across the US get to work. Whether you're a daily driver or a simple pedestrian, see how your commute compares.

Data Visualizations

We've used PayScale's career and compensation data to create a variety of interactive data visualizations. All are free to embed on your own website. The embed code is available on each data visualization page. See all of our data visualizations.
Find out how over 450 jobs rank on salary and job meaning. Compare specific job titles or broader job categories.
How do you measure the value of a college education? These data visualizations shed new light on the subject, taking into account student body diversity, majors, gender and more.
Before you decide to pursue a degree or choose a major, do a deep dive into our College Salary Report data to find out which degree levels have the highest earning potential for over 100 majors.
Not sure what you want to be when you grow up? Use this tool to enter your preferences for salary, education level, stress and job satisfaction to identify your dream job.