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Select Specialty Hospitals Reviews

What is it like working at Select Specialty Hospitals?

August 2015
"Taking Care of the Chronically Ill."
Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA):
Pros: I like the length of time our patients stay. I feel like I get to make a larger impact on the quality of their care by spending more time with them and building more of a relationship. I enjoy most of my coworkers. I work with a lot of nurses who have a lot of experiences working in different facilities and they are more than willing to share their knowledge and teach when appropriate.
Cons: We seem to be frequently understaffed. We have a rancid reputation with our "host" hospital as well as with the hospitals in the surrounding area. Profit seems to be the only motivation for those working in management. Although I have not worked in other facilities, I feel our equipment is due for an upgrade. There is no consistency with rules and enforcement. I don't think we receive the respect or recognition we deserve from those in office positions. The list goes on...
April 2016
"My review."
Respiratory Therapist:
Pros: The variety, day to day challenges, my coworkers and having long stretches of days off without having to use my vacation time, get to leave early at times.
Cons: The lack of care and support from management, they low census people based on the number of ventilators, not patients, patients suffer from lack of better care, staff does not get full time hours some weeks and are often forced to work with limited time and supplies to save $
April 2016
"It's rewarding, I like meeting different patients."
Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA):
Pros: Meeting new patients and working with a diverse group of them. I love helping them feel comfortable and card about, most of all putting a smile on their faces.
Cons: If I'm doing everything to help the patient and coworkers are slacking.
August 2016
"Great learning experience."
Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA):
Pros: Caring for people.
Cons: The driving route to work.
November 2017
"Low time bank accrual."
Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) in Lincoln:
March 2019
Registered Nurse (RN) in Niagara Falls:
Pros: Taking care if patients
Cons: How overwhelming it can get
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