Account Executive Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Account Executive?

Account Executive in San Diego:
"Alternative Fridays."
Pros: Every other Friday off. Closed for Christmas Holiday.
Cons: No potential for promotion/growth.

Account Executive in San Diego:
"Serve as daily contact for clients."
Pros: Working with a diverse group of clients.
Cons: The pay is low. Don't get a full breakdown from bosses.

Account Executive in Houston:
"Stressful job."
Pros: Exposure to using QB, bullhorn, dice.
Cons: My manager was on emergency sick leave for getting her operation for 2 months now with my salary I have to work two jobs. Managers and mine.

Account Executive in Overland Park:
"Being a young Account Executive."
Pros: What I love most about my job is the complexity and problem solving skills one must have to perform well. You have to be motivated & work hard to be successful in this occupation and I have everything and more to do so. You have to have enhanced communication skills and be able to please both your retail agent and your underwriter providing the insurance coverage, keeping both parties satisfied is a constant occupation and you must always do your due diligence to accomplish this task.
Cons: I often feel I am used as a scpae goat for my boss. Her son works in my office, and lets just say hes being walked through life. I can always tell when its happening as well, let say I write $180,000 in premium one month, The next month he magically writes $230,000.00 It obvious though, all I have to do is look the account name up in the system and see who was the original producer on it, it always shows my bosses name. It aggravates the hell out me, I cant lie and say it doesn't. It does effect my performance. Its hard to come to work on time, work hard, do your job and watch some half whit fuck that doesn't know the meaning to law cultures show up three days a week, never work a full day and be given great revenue accounts from his mom. Other than this, its a great job.

Account Executive in Orlando:
"Rewarding. Love being an advocate for the senior population."
Pros: Build relationships. Become a value for clients. Provide a value for clients. Being an advocate for seniors. Rewarding. Compensation.
Cons: On call 24/7. Not fulfilling a clients need. Not being the best option for a patient. Operational issues.

Account Executive in Boise:
"Fill the Filter."
Pros: Getting to interact and work with customers and employers that are in all sorts of professional fields. Getting to make contact with them and get to learn about what they do, and build relationships.
Cons: It's a grind at times. You make a lot of phone calls, and get told no quite often in order to get a yes. Comes with the territory.

Account Executive in San Francisco:
Pros: I am my own organization selling on my terms.
Cons: My manager who constantly bugs me.