Account Executive Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Account Executive?

Account Executive in Houston:
"Stressful job."
Pros: Exposure to using QB, bullhorn, dice.
Cons: My manager was on emergency sick leave for getting her operation for 2 months now with my salary I have to work two jobs. Managers and mine.

Account Executive in Orlando:
"Rewarding. Love being an advocate for the senior population."
Pros: Build relationships. Become a value for clients. Provide a value for clients. Being an advocate for seniors. Rewarding. Compensation.
Cons: On call 24/7. Not fulfilling a clients need. Not being the best option for a patient. Operational issues.

Account Executive in Boise:
"Fill the Filter."
Pros: Getting to interact and work with customers and employers that are in all sorts of professional fields. Getting to make contact with them and get to learn about what they do, and build relationships.
Cons: It's a grind at times. You make a lot of phone calls, and get told no quite often in order to get a yes. Comes with the territory.

Account Executive in San Francisco:
Pros: I am my own organization selling on my terms.
Cons: My manager who constantly bugs me.

Account Executive in Provo:
"Corporate culture, work flexibility, office conditions, stre."
Pros: Corporate culture, work flexibility, office conditions, stress level, perks, the management.
Cons: pay for the management side.

Account Executive in Virginia Beach:
Pros: Helping business owners and reaching objectives and goals. Flexibility and virtual work environment.

Account Executive in Charlotte:
"Agency Life."
Pros: Traveling. Working in Golf. Office culture. Opportunity to use creative side. Travel perks.
Cons: Compensation. Micromanaged. No opportunities to take project leads.