Accountant Advice

Q: What is it like working as an Accountant?

Accountant in Greenville:
"Better working conditions."
Treat the people like they are on the same level as you are. Don't talk down to them.

Accountant in Los Angeles:
"Stress level, deadlines, upward mobility and raise increases."
Stay current with up to date accounting practices continue to take classes within your field. Be creative with ways to make job procedures more efficient.

Accountant in Newtown:
"Be extremely careful picking your career!"
School is expensive, very! You should pick a career you like and you see many openings for.You can always do hobbies on the side. If you like numbers, making sure everything is neat, perfect, and matches, Accounting may be for you. In today's world, being good with computers and data manipulation is a plus, (treat computer classes at highest priority, especially excel and access) your elder colleagues won't understand but they'll event embrace it and it'll make things more efficient. Do your homework on salaries and companies you like, except nothing less. It's almost impossible to change paths after that, plus if you think you'll prove yourself, you're wrong. The under pay is so small, to match what others get would never satisfy budgets. Search big corporations, or public firm. Get CPA, Masters budget children. Long accounting hours and studying with home life, children/spouse is so very hard, almost impossible. Always continue to improve on your skills, great ex are Lynda & Udemy.

Accountant in Seaside:
"You will be multitasking."
High stress levels at end of months.

Accountant in Geneva:
"More information about the health care."
Be a sponge and learn everything.

Accountant in Naples:
"Additional job duties."
Set up an inventory base, excel spreadsheets, projecting future carry-forward balances.

Accountant in Salt Lake City:
"Detail, Enthusiasm, Dynamic."
Be detail-oriented. Be passionate about your work and show enthusiasm. Contribute to a dynamic workplace.