Accountant Advice

Q: What is it like working as an Accountant?

Accountant in Kisumu:
"Understant work requirement in related field."
Share your knowledge about the daily responsibilities, career path, stress levels, perks and valuable skills associated with this job.

Accountant in Puerto Rico:
"New the company."
If you go to work in any company, you have to learn about it, learn how is the accounting funtion, the economic that affect and the all transacctions.

Accountant in Waterloo:
Ask questions as to how advanced they are in today's technology. Do the still hand-write payables? Are manual records kept, along with computerized? Are documents mailed, faxed, or emailed?

Accountant in New York:
Pros: Learning new things and then being able to independently take on the task.
Cons: Hours especially during tax season.

Accountant in Lynden:
"How current the technology being used."
Are there progress reviews with possible promotions? Technology plan? Cross training opportunities?

Accountant in Lakewood:
"Show your commitment to your job!"
Start somewhere where you will be trained so that you can succeed.

Accountant in Lacey:
Get some kind of certification(s)! It will make your resume stand out.