Accounting Assistant Advice

Q: What is it like working as an Accounting Assistant?

Accounting Assistant in Columbiana:
"General ledger breakdown."
Detailed work.

Accounting Assistant in Bronx:
"Huge amount of work."
Attention to detail. Stress.

Accounting Assistant in Paris:
"Flexibility in Type of Work."
Pros: The number one thing that I like about this job is that I can plan out my work, have priorities for longer projects, and feel pretty satisfied at the end of the day.
Cons: I don't like having to work from the traditional 9-5 when I don't have things to work on.

Accounting Assistant in GUAM:
Pros: Work environment is good and coworkers are very nice.
Cons: Questioning my pay rate.

Accounting Assistant in Kansas City:
"An exciting role in a great company with a bright future."
Pros: Importance, seeing company growth, learning new skills, fast-paced, innovating, flexibility, management, helping build our team and business to achieve excellence in customer service and sales.
Cons: Underpaid for the workload, background role is often overlooked and skills and accomplishments taken for granted.

Accounting Assistant in Atlanta:
"Small Scale Public Accounting Firm Environment."
Pros: Flexibility, and overall office atmosphere. Provides foundational knowledge to progress into the accounting profession.
Cons: Compensation is below average for position. Workload is heavy and there are few employees to delegate assignments to.

Accounting Assistant in Oklahoma City:
"Accounting Multi Tasker."
Pros: Everything.
Cons: I hate when I have nothing to do.