Accounting Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Accounting Assistant?

Accounting Assistant in New York:
Pros: Good location where things are easily accessible.
Cons: Stress and how expensive the city can be with employers not paying a living wage.

Accounting Assistant in Brookings:
"Smaller midwestern city, college town, city culture."
Pros: People I know.
Cons: Wages too low.

Accounting Assistant in Pottsville:
Pros: The different people I get to meet and the difference it makes in people lives.
Cons: No raise in years.

Accounting Assistant in Atlanta:
"Its New."
Pros: You don't use sick days for Doctor appointments. Nice people to work with for the most part.
Cons: No latter movement. Company is small so there is no privacy to your personal life. No evaluation every year so no structure to the raises. No raises they are tied into you bonus.

Accounting Assistant in Atlanta:
Pros: I like the hours and The job entirety The ability to grow.
Cons: I don't dislike anything about this job.

Accounting Assistant in Liberty:
"Assistant to the accountant."
Pros: I get to do all of the work that the accountant does in hopes that one day I can be in her position.
Cons: I feel like I get taken advantage of and my coworkers expect me to do their jobs.

Accounting Assistant in Boston:
"Accounting assistant."
Negotiate your pay.