Accounting Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Accounting Assistant?

Accounting Assistant in Canton:
"Great town."
Pros: Grew up here
Cons: Nothing

Accounting Assistant in Lynchburg:
Pros: It's a pretty small town, so you easily get to know your clients thoroughly.
Cons: Pay is really low compared to most other parts of the country and diversity in the town is growing, but incredibly slow.

Accounting Assistant:
Very friendly, awesome teamwork. Promotes goals and challenges at the job. Love the people. The environment is very clean and spacious. The benefits are great. The pay is competitive among other companies. They offer free shirts when hired.

Accounting Assistant in West Valley:
"It's as simple as taking Notes."
Take good notes. There is a lot to learn and if you take notes, you can refer to them without needing to ask a lot of questions.

Accounting Assistant in Houston:
"High volume work, flexible environment."
Pros: The benefits, the flexibility with hours and vacation time, as well as the fun environment. It is an independent job, so as long as my work gets done, no one is micro-managing me.
Cons: I don't like my pay. I feel like I deserve more because I do a lot. I don't like the new management that has taken over. The environment has changed a lot. I do not like our office space or my office location.

Accounting Assistant in Minneapolis:
"The pay is better in Minneapolis."
Pros: The pay, was better than in the city in which I reside. The people I worked with her my work family.
Cons: The distance I had to travel to get to work. The drive in the winter months could be extremely stressful when the weather was cold and snowy.

Accounting Assistant in Katy:
"I love working in the Katy area its a really nice place."
Pros: I love my job the experience the people (coworkers) they are all nice.
Cons: None.