Accounting Manager Advice

Q: What is it like working as an Accounting Manager?

Accounting Manager in Las Vegas:
"Be Licensed."
I've learned over the years that having a license to quote and show and manage space may improve my worth to the company. I do more than accounting, I am also a Property Manager and I support the owner of the company. One day I am reading meters and the next day meeting with our Attorney or CPA to discuss tax returns.

Accounting Manager in Springfield:
Hard work an knowledge before you get promoted. Charisma does matter.

Accounting Manager in West Palm Beach:
"Get involved in all aspects of Finance."
Keep learning and learning.

Accounting Manager in North Haven:
Whatever projects your boss wants to put on your desk - TAKE IT. Experience is so much better than what was learned in school. Be confident in your work and responses. And if you are not, do not. Be afraid to admit that and ask for help. If the company will pay for training and/or education - take advantage! And if they don't and you have the means, take the class on your own dime. Additional training only makes you more marketable.

Accounting Manager in El Paso:
You will need to know about accounting, payroll, accounts payable and budgeting.

Accounting Manager in San Francisco:
Cross train your employees.

Accounting Manager in Sonoma:
"General Corporate Structure & Procedures."
Clarity of corporate structure, job descriptions duties and responsibility and consistency. Working independently take the initiative.