Accounting Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Accounting Manager?

Accounting Manager in St. Louis:
"Micro-managed Company due to being managed by a teen."
Pros: Some flexibility
Cons: Being micromanaged by the inexperienced general manager

Accounting Manager in Seattle:
"Too long a commute."
Pros: Great food available
Cons: Long commute & traffic

Accounting Manager in Corpus Christi:
"Not good."
Pros: i live here becuase of my family being here
Cons: having to be bilingual to get a job

Accounting Manager in Virginia Beach:
"Virginia Beach Non Profit Accountant."
Pros: Great location - great people.
Cons: Commute

Accounting Manager in Columbia:
"Low paying, limited opportunities."
Pros: Small City with some big city downtown features.
Cons: Lower paying, limited opportunities.

Accounting Manager in Cleveland:
Pros: Cost of living is great, easy to get around.
Cons: The winter seems to go on forever.

Accounting Manager in Saint Charles:
"Accounting Manager."
Pros: It is close to home.
Cons: The pay salary.