Administrative Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Administrative Assistant?

Administrative Assistant in Long Beach:
Pros: Commute is short and hours are flexible. Like my boss/coworker.
Cons: Pay is low and no benefits.

Administrative Assistant in Roswell:
Pros: I absolutely love my team and working with people.
Cons: I cannot get promoted.

Administrative Assistant in Covina:
Pros: Learning various working methods and putting to practice the HR things that I had learned in school - that was invaluable.
Cons: The bad things about human character which make me sad - back stabbing, people using their influence to cut corners - things like that.

Administrative Assistant in Long Island:
Pros: The money.
Cons: The double standers, and the traveling, my work load is small.

Administrative Assistant in Pittsburgh:
Pros: Telecommuting and flexibility.
Cons: The pay.

Administrative Assistant in Jonesboro:
"Mundane, but substantial pay."
Pros: Work flexibility and office conditions.
Cons: Corporate culture.

Administrative Assistant in Raleigh:
"Great company to work for, not feeling fully satisfied."
Pros: Great company with good people and benefits. The commute is fast and easy. There is opportunity for growth.
Cons: Not doing public relations work, slow work load, outdated office space.