Administrative Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Administrative Coordinator?

Administrative Coordinator in Bardstown:
Pros: It is a small town with growth potential, especially concerning the bourbon industry. I also enjoy a pretty quick commute.
Cons: Since it is still a smaller town there is less opportunity for employment in my field. Most job opportunities are found in the local factories.

Administrative Coordinator in Santa Barbara:
"A church is just like the real world."
Always keep a professional attitude and do not assume that because it is a church that people will behave differently than in other businesses.

Administrative Coordinator in Watsonville:
"Assigned more job duties with no pay increase."
Make sure you asked in advance if other duties assigned what is the compensation.

Administrative Coordinator in Albany:
"Not thrilled with the commute but I can walk during breaks."
Pros: Parks.
Cons: Parking and commute.

Administrative Coordinator in Hillsboro:
"A good place to start."
Pros: It's a pleasant little town.
Cons: It's very gray and rainy most of the year.

Administrative Coordinator in Baltimore:
"Long commute for me."
Pros: Salaries are better in Baltimore than other areas.
Cons: Long commute, personal safety issues.

Administrative Coordinator in Benton Harbor:
"Office Conditions and Perks."
Pros: Flexibility and meeting new people and helping others.
Cons: Criticism when I am blame for something out of my control.