Administrative Specialist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Administrative Specialist?

Administrative Specialist in Dover:
"Easy Commute Flexible Employer."
Pros: Flexible hours
Cons: lack of benefits and low pay scale

Administrative Specialist in Little Rock:
"Working for State Government."
Pros: All I can say is that this environment is familiar so that is a good thing and I can make ends meet. While doing something that kind of helps people.
Cons: Little Rock, is slowly progressing but very slowly. They pay does not match the work people are asked to do and it isn't keeping up with rising costs for housing: both apartments and houses, and even further, apartment laws in the state of Arkansas do not protect or favor renters and that is very sad. As for entertainment and overall living in LR, it's okay and standard but it can be very boring living here.

Administrative Specialist in Raleigh-Durham:
"Nice place to work but little to no room for advancement or pay increases."
Pros: The flexibility, work/life balance
Cons: Pay increases and promotions are very minimal, increases are given to those less deserving, no transparency on how or why this is done.

Administrative Specialist:
The pay is low. The phrase “other duties assigned” are about 60% of the job. It’s hard to get a promotion or move up. No real cost of living raises. Years in service don’t help to get raise. A person right out of high school and 1 year experience can walk in at the same salary as an employee who has been there 10 years with an advanced skill level. Health Insurance is expensive.

Administrative Specialist:
As a state agency, the university provides stable employment and excellent benefits. The climate is collegial with many opportunities for both independent and team projects. However, there is not a lot of room for advancement and there is very little professional development.

Administrative Specialist in Minneapolis:
"Open opportunities."
Pros: Not too large
Cons: Weather

Administrative Specialist in Pasadena:
Pros: I love the people I work with as well as the type of work I do.
Cons: I do not make enough for living expenses.