Admissions Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Admissions Coordinator?

Admissions Coordinator in Maryland Heights, Missouri:
"Busy Atmosphere."
Pros: Many places to have lunch, very busy traffic... 30 minutes is not enough.
Cons: Far from home, traffic is hideous not matter what time of day & HWY 270 is a danger zone.

Admissions Coordinator in Seattle:
"Seattle is an Incredible City."
Pros: - People care about the work they do. - Public transportation is clean, reliable, and on time. - Good happy hours are everywhere. - Lots of delicious lunch options. - City culture.
Cons: - Cost of living. - Gentrification. - Distance from my company's Corporate Headquarters.

Admissions Coordinator in Chicago:
Pros: It’s very satisfying and fast paced.
Cons: It’s very competitive and people are less considerate than in my home town.

Admissions Coordinator in Orange:
"Future benefits."
Work head and be a self sufficient employee. Share your knowledge of responsibility, career path.

Admissions Coordinator in Chicago:
Pros: Mission, coworkers, stress level.
Cons: Long commute, leadership, office environment, work perks, pay.