Application Developer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Application Developer?

Application Developer:
I enjoy contracting work, constantly learning new things. I was not a fan of the management and politics at Allyis. The companies project manager is a bit of a 'Developer Diva' and insists that his way is the only, right way to do things. Unfortunately, his way is 20+ years out of date.

Application Developer in New York:
"Stressed but fulfilling."
Pros: Learning/seeing something new every day
Cons: Subways

Application Developer in Austin:
"Retirement benefits."
Invest in outside learning.

Application Developer in Stillwater:
"Be adaptable to new tech or be prepared to get laid off!"
Continually work to keep your job interesting. When given a task that seems ugly consider making a program that can solve the problem or make it easier to solve now and the next time the problem arises. It might even be a program the logs information so that you can solve the real problem. Avoid criticizing other developers because they were most likely put in a situation to get the job done. Don't be afraid to argue your point, most intelligent people will listen if your approach makes sense -- just be prepared to back it up.

Application Developer in New York:
Pros: The compensation & work life balance.
Cons: Skill sets and abilities vary dramatically across organizations.