Applications Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Applications Engineer?

Applications Engineer in Indianapolis:
"PAS Evauation."
Pros: No traffic, good food, nice people.
Cons: Weather sometimes.

Applications Engineer in Buffalo:
"Life of a Mechanical/Applications Engineer."
Pros: I get to apply what I learned about engineering during my academic terms in college. The flexibility, room for creativity and tremendous amount of support from upper management really boosts my job satisfaction at Sherex.
Cons: The salary is good, but not great. With my skillsets and experience, along with the average wagescale of Buffalo, my salary may be just below the minimum entry-level pay for Mechanical Engineers. A steady pay raise over the next few years may neutralize that concern.

Applications Engineer in Gilford:
Pros: It allows me to be close to home.

Applications Engineer in Rice Lake:
"Small town charm."
Pros: Affordable living with a lot of amenities.
Cons: Pay scale below average, limited opportunities and industries.

Applications Engineer in Troy:
"It is okay."
Pros: Good customers, interesting work.
Cons: Lots of travel on short notice.

Applications Engineer in Overland Park:
"No Engineering Degree Needed."
Engineering degree doesn't really matter in this position. Regardless when you start the job, you need to learn about your product and learn the processes and calculations used in that specific business. Be willing to learn everything you can and soak it in - that is what is important.

Applications Engineer in Appleton:
Pros: Flexible work schedule, a lot of growth opportunities, good benefits.
Cons: Stressful. Constantly working on multiple projects and not being able to be fully dedicated to one project. Need to do a better job at hiring process and also reviewing who shouldn't be at a senior Application Engineer level. It's concerning when working with someone at a senior level who has no understanding of technical terms or architectural standards. Also concerning that they are making design decisions.