Applications Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Applications Engineer?

Applications Engineer in Cypress:
"Good first engineering job."
Pros: Overtime is allowed year-round
Cons: Poor communication and lack of pay and opportunities for growth

Applications Engineer in Greenville:
"Current job in Greenville."
Pros: not a big commute
Cons: traffic

Applications Engineer in Waukesha:
"Southeast Wisconsin Work life."
Pros: Great small town feel.
Cons: Traffic getting worse in some areas.

Applications Engineer in Rochester:
"Great City Size."
Pros: Rochester is a relatively small city with great amenities and things to visit.
Cons: While there's a lot to do during the spring, summer, and fall; the winters can be terrible.

Applications Engineer in Denver:
"Best city to live if you're in your 20's."
Pros: Young city
Cons: Expensive

Applications Engineer in Holland:
"Great Area with tons of engineers."
Pros: Always something new to do outside
Cons: Far away from Family

Applications Engineer:
Great company, fast growth company comes with it's own growing pains, including poor training, low communication between coworkers and low average pay. Upper management is made of old engineers that are not as adept as being managers.