Apprentice Electrician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Apprentice Electrician?

Apprentice Electrician in Newark:
"Is great."
Pros: Transportación
Cons: Is a little dirty

Apprentice Electrician in El Paso:
Pros: Learning new things and challenging myself
Cons: The owner

Apprentice Electrician in Anaheim:
Pros: I like what The line of work and the way electricity works.
Cons: I want to be learning more than what I do.

Apprentice Electrician in Denver:
"Under paid."
Pros: Love my career am good at what I do.
Cons: Under paid and am extremely looked upon for my abilities.

Apprentice Electrician in Sanford:
"Good work."
Pros: I used to live I know the place very well.
Cons: Not sure what is bad............

Apprentice Electrician in Houston:
Pros: It's alright especially early in the morning with no traffic.
Cons: So congested on freeways during busy hours.

Apprentice Electrician in Sacramento:
"Residential leader."
Pros: I usually work by myself, but am given an assistant/laborer to help me with my tasks .
Cons: I am currently working on a 3 story building with 100+ rooms , by myself doing the home runs/take offs, roping and light install in every room by myself.