Apprentice Electrician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Apprentice Electrician?

Apprentice Electrician in Westborough:
"Be patient."
Pros: Independence. Flexibility. Good pay. There's always a need for an electrician.
Cons: If you're doing new work, especially residential, it gets old/boring, fast. Can become repetitive and slow sometimes.

Apprentice Electrician in Mena:
"My job."
Pros: I like that I get to work in different environments all the time. It's enjoyable. It always gets easier.
Cons: Some of the people.

Apprentice Electrician in Austin:
"Liked alot."
Pros: Different tasks and different sites.
Cons: Long hours and long wait times.

Apprentice Electrician in Henrico:
"Wirering home during the trim process."
Pros: The part I like bout my job the most is my co-worker that I work with and the location of my job.
Cons: I feel as if I am being taking advantage of and my boss is very rude.

Apprentice Electrician in Denver:
"Electrical Apprentice."
Pros: You get practical hands-on experience. Get paid to receive a higher education. Never work in the same place too long.
Cons: Having to fix the fuck-ups from company favorites. Low salary, high tool cost. Random bouts of over-time (14-18 hour days at times) Nonnegotiable hours.

Apprentice Electrician in Houston:
Study stay grounded and keep the lights on.

Apprentice Electrician in Colorado Springs:
Pros: Hours are flexible do to lower amounts of work, and low pay per hour.
Cons: On the job education is not formal or tied into a formal education in a cross platform. Poor job site organization in regards to material control. In-operative or, abused tools. Sometimes no tools for the job or task at hand supplied by shop. Poor to no safety meetings.Poor office organization to the point of not know how you stand with the company, and not giving timely reviews for possible increase of wages. Very poor/high risk healthcare plan. No connection of up coming projects being mentioned to workers. Overall a deficient of formal communication internally.