Architectural Designer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Architectural Designer?

Architectural Designer in Auckland:
"Overall ok."
Pros: Nearby beaches, good weather, lots of things to do, good dining out with interesting food from all over the world.
Cons: Traffic congestion almost all day long, incomes are small compared to living costs.

Architectural Designer in Minneapolis:
"Busy in Minnie."
Pros: Great culture and design community. Love the neighborhood, grassroots enthusiasm.
Cons: It's very cold in the winter, which means all there is to do is work!

Architectural Designer in New York:
"Keep going."
Keep going develope yourself.

Architectural Designer in Boston:
"Working as a designer."
Pros: Constantly learning new things everyday.
Cons: Too much pressure towards inexperienced individuals.

Architectural Designer in Chelsea:
"Site visits & office work, varying stress, creative."
Pros: I get to use my creativity. I like the people I work with. There are many projects going on at once and never a dull in work load. I get to work with many different clients. I believe in what our company is offering.
Cons: Long hours. Can be stressful at times. Sometimes there are difficult clients and I think I should be paid more.

Architectural Designer in Norman:
"Creating livign spaces."
Pros: HOw I can make people feel better being on a space, without noticing why they are feeling better.

Architectural Designer in Daly City:
Pros: Extremely diverse and challenging, requires full focus and devotion.
Cons: Long hours, roller coaster schedule. I am getting my degree in Architecture and its hard to do both.