Architectural Designer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Architectural Designer?

Architectural Designer in Baltimore, Maryland:
"Great city with beautiful neighborhoods."
Pros: Great geographic location, 4 season weather, perfect size city
Cons: Big social issues

Architectural Designer in San Francisco, California:
Pros: Public transportation, lifestyle
Cons: Cost of living

Architectural Designer in Phoenix, Arizona:
Pros: There are a lot of local niche restaurants and shops around.
Cons: Commuting

Architectural Designer in Charlotte, North Carolina:
Pros: Autonomy
Cons: Older, inflexible leadership

Architectural Designer in Carlisle:
Pros: Beautiful scenery, unique work environment
Cons: The Commute

Architectural Designer in Chicago:
Pros: The diversity and opportunity in the city is remarkable. If you know how to play your cards, the growth and development opportunities are countless.
Cons: Because it is such a large city it can be hard to make meaningful connections. Finding your place can be challenging.

Architectural Designer in Tacoma:
"Good benefits Lack of Utilization."
Pros: Very good benefits for the employee - not so much for their families in terms of health however.
Cons: Bad communication on behalf of the partners between one another and the staff. Also, they seem not to use their staff’s skills and abilities to their fullest.