Art Director Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Art Director?

Art Director in Carlsbad:
"Constant change and interesting, challenging subject matter."
Pros: Interesting subject matter, developing my skills and delighting our internal clients, and the onsite cafe!
Cons: Boss isn’t the best listener, uphill battle against sexism, scheduling can be chaotic and unrealistic.

Art Director in Grand Rapids:
"Exciting and Fresh."
Pros: That it is a very creative community driven by pride in an entrepreneurial spirit in a city that continues to grow and evolve at a fast rate.
Cons: Some conservative views can stifle progressive initiatives and ideas and keep clients scared of doing something different or new.

Art Director in Mankato:
"Good but not great."
Pros: Creative freedom
Cons: Lack of response rick taking

Art Director in Birmingham:
"Heart of Dixie."
Pros: Friends, the Cahaba River, church
Cons: Weather, prejudiced

Art Director in West Sacramento:
"Functional, not Aspirational."
Pros: Close to downtown Sacramento
Cons: It gets sketchy quick around the area.

Art Director in West Sacramento:
"Functional, not Aspirational."
Pros: Near downtown Sacramento
Cons: It's literally on the other side of the tracks.

Art Director in Charlotte:
"It's growing."
Pros: working remotely
Cons: not the best market for what I want to do