Art Director Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Art Director?

Art Director in Seattle:
"The good and the bad."
Pros: Traffic/commute, food, walkability, city culture, cost of living.
Cons: Getting over crowded.

Art Director in Cleveland:
Pros: The commute is not terrible, there are many restaurants and other entertainment options in downtown Cleveland, there is not much diversity of cuisines though, the cost of living is fairly reasonable, there are a decent amount of things to do, more in the summer months than the winter, being along Lake Erie is great, it has a smaller city vibe but also feels pretty dated compared to other similarly sized cities.
Cons: I would like more options for ethnic cuisines, more activities/things to do, the beer and food scene is decent but not as great as other similarly sized cities, the lakefront is pretty nice but not so much downtown, there aren't many good music venues or festivals, the culture feels outdated and not very hip, people have an unreasonable amount of Cleveland pride and not so much Midwestern humility, the drivers are terrible, they don't use their blinkers and often merge directly in front of you.

Art Director in New York:
"Dying Business."
Pros: My friends are here.
Cons: No opportunity in fashion business any longer.

Art Director in Atlanta:
Pros: What I love about working in Atlanta is the people I interact with and the various opportunities presented.
Cons: What I don't like about working in Atlanta is that there isn't enough culture, art, design, and innovative developments happening in the city.

Art Director in Los Angeles:
"Change is everything."
Be ready for change, in my five years it was all great until change actually took me out due to restructure. But we should always be excited for change because things happen for a reason.

Art Director in Crestview Hills:
Network as much as you can with peers; learn as much as you can from those in the business, be a sponge.

Art Director in Tampa:
"The World is Mainly Sales Oriented."
Be involved in the sales aspect because if you have a tendency to communicate from a creative standpoint you can lose your audience. Numbers speak volumes and if you tackle it from a sales / creative standpoint - think hybrid - than you may have a better idea how to handle any conflicts.