Assistant Controller Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Assistant Controller?

Assistant Controller in Napa:
Pros: It is were I live.
Cons: Mostly one industry.

Assistant Controller in Waterloo:
"Great Experience."
Pros: Something new to learn everyday. Working for a CFO and Controller is always going to allow me to learn something new.
Cons: Very repetitive. Most duties are the same every single month.

Assistant Controller in San Francisco:
"Lots of things to do, city culture."
Pros: City Culture.
Cons: Expensive cost of parking.

Assistant Controller in Salt Lake City:
"SLC Good to Me."
Pros: Good companies that are well organized and successful.
Cons: The underlining culture that is focused on religion even in the business environment.

Assistant Controller in Boston:
"Closest Match to Small Business Controller."
Pros: Independence, Work from Home, Set my own scheduled (mostly), High level of responsibility.
Cons: Tax work, after hours requests/skypes.

Assistant Controller in Bethesda:
"Keep on Climbing."
Assistant Controller is the time to shine, as it can launch you directly into a Controller or even CFO position depending on the size of the company.

Assistant Controller in Wilmington:
"That the Construction market would improve."
Make sure to ask for a higher salary at hiring, because in the private construction industry, raises are not given out regularly, especially to women.