Assistant Controller Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Assistant Controller?

Assistant Controller in Honolulu:
"Hawaii is a great place to work and live."
Pros: People is not crazy about working long hours, they understand there should be a balance between work and life
Cons: salaries are low

Assistant Controller in Ada:
Pros: co-workers
Cons: not much else around

Assistant Controller in Columbus:
"Small Raises."
At least in a company centered around sales the accounting department is not valued and raises when they do come are small.

Assistant Controller in Gainesville:
Pros: Location
Cons: Chain restaurants

Assistant Controller in Sedalia:
"Don't take it all so seriously!"
Absorb as much knowledge as you can....and learn the business and people you work with!

Assistant Controller in assistant vice president:
"Rewarding experience with confidential information."
Pros: Working with senior peers and officers.
Cons: Long hours and deadlines.

Assistant Controller in Pleasanton:
"The challenge to excel knowledge in 501c6, 990 filings."
Understand your job duties and expect to be challenged.