Assistant General Manager (AGM) Advice

Q: What is it like working as an Assistant General Manager (AGM)?

Assistant General Manager (AGM) in Oklahoma City:
"Hello world."
Get ready to work 75 hours a week and make no money.

Assistant General Manager (AGM) in San Diego:
"I love it! Very fun and I love my staff."
Pros: My team is the reason I stay at this job! I want us to be the best!
Cons: I don't feel respected. I feel I've done alot and do alot but am not valued.

Assistant General Manager (AGM) in 55109:
Pros: The people that I work with and for are great.
Cons: Stress and my boss's lack of work putting more on me.

Assistant General Manager (AGM) in Lynchburg:
Pros: I really enjoy working with the public and the people that I lead.
Cons: The communication amongst management.

Assistant General Manager (AGM) in Alvarado:
"Guests are like family."
Pros: Corporate culture, meeting new people, work flexibility, the opportunity to push myself to learning new things.
Cons: Stress, Pay, no benefits.

Assistant General Manager (AGM) in Tulsa:
Pros: It is a great way to use my skills, making a broken store whole again and functional.
Cons: Short handed on managers which in turn means long hours and one day off a week. (60+ hours) I feel I deserve the General Manager position because I am already performing the job discription and efficiently.

Assistant General Manager (AGM) in San Diego:
"Challenging, busy, corporate culture."
Pros: Relationships, accomplishment.
Cons: Commute,