Assistant General Manager (AGM) Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Assistant General Manager (AGM)?

Assistant General Manager (AGM) in Bettendorf:
Pros: People interaction, variety.
Cons: Poor communication and planning.

Assistant General Manager (AGM) in Tallahassee:
"Break out."
Pros: Before this job I was shy and quiet but having to constantly interact with customers, weather over the phone or in person it has gotten me to be more outgoing and open.
Cons: I work10 feet from the stadium surrounded by three different schools so dealing with drunk college kids is a constant;and they tend to be more rude than the average customer. I also work 50 plus hours a week so I never get to see my family.

Assistant General Manager (AGM) in Twin Falls:
"Under paid Manager."
Pros: Meeting New people, Training staff, teamwork.
Cons: Long crazy hours. Lack of Communication, lack of respect, low pay.

Assistant General Manager (AGM) in Plainville:
Pros: Something new every day, meet people, help guests.
Cons: Stress, rude customers.