Assistant General Manager (AGM) Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Assistant General Manager (AGM)?

Assistant General Manager (AGM) in Detroit:
"District manager is a snake. Avoids everything."
Pros: The people i work with
Cons: Expect too much from one person. Not enough support from the district manager

Assistant General Manager (AGM) in Colorado Springs:
"Lots of teaching."
Pros: Close to home
Cons: Working holidays

Assistant General Manager (AGM) in Hattiesburg:
"Its positive."
Pros: Nice staff
Cons: Pay

Assistant General Manager (AGM) in Cincinnati:
Pros: The people
Cons: Corporate structure/control of market vs regional directors making decisions

Assistant General Manager (AGM) in Lenexa:
"I like Lenexa."
Pros: Growing area with a lot of potential and growth opportunities
Cons: Distance time travel from home daily

Assistant General Manager (AGM) in Westlake Village:
"Positivity & consistency: key in maintaining a happy staff."
Create a solid and consistent structure for your team to adhere to and build upon. If none is in place, create one. Consistency places an expectation upon your team members, guidelines for accountability and a foundation for growth. Learn how to delegate. Even as a experienced and talented manager, you must learn how to use your resources wisely and assign tasks to team members in order to allow yourself to better your environment.

Assistant General Manager (AGM) in Cincinnati:
"Cost of Living, Culture."
Pros: The cost of living is very reasonable, the people are very friendly.
Cons: No good seafood or Italian Food,