Assistant Project Manager, Construction Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Assistant Project Manager, Construction?

Assistant Project Manager, Construction in San Diego:
"Working for HPS is great! It’s challenging and pushes me everyday to learn something new."
Pros: The comfortable atmosphere and the encouragement by the owner to grow and take classes to better succeed.

Assistant Project Manager, Construction in Watertown:
"Watertown does not have a lot of work for the field that I am in."
Pros: I like the jobs that i work on
Cons: lack of work in the area

Assistant Project Manager, Construction in Gold River:
"Its Great."
Pros: I love the location and the opportunities it presents.
Cons: It can be difficult to expand.

Assistant Project Manager, Construction in Sarasota:
"Beaituful Place to Live."
Pros: Quality of Life
Cons: Aging Demographic

Assistant Project Manager, Construction:
I’ve been working at Shiel Sexton for a few years now and can’t imagine working at another company. The culture is the best part as it feels like a team effort for every project. Great benefits and compensation is pretty good as well.

Assistant Project Manager, Construction:
Great company that really shows their appreciation and gives you freedom to grow. Hours can be long but getting the job done is what rules. Daily learning opportunities allow for a full rounded on the job education.

Assistant Project Manager, Construction in Bryan:
"Local Contractor Project Manager."
Pros: Short commute, tighter network of companies, working on Texas A&M projects
Cons: Lower compensation, smaller selection of entertainment and extra-work activities