Bookkeeper Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Bookkeeper?

Bookkeeper in Tampa:
"Am I being paid fairly."
Pros: Reconciling the accounts.
Cons: Phone and tech demand.

Bookkeeper in Ogden:
Pros: It keeps me busy. There is always an inflow and out flow of things to do.
Cons: It can be difficult to keep up with the many vendors and billing.

Bookkeeper in Reno:
"Job satisfaction and work flexibility."
Pros: As a bookkeeper, I have more flexibility on work hours. I do have specific tasks that need to be completed within specific timelines, but a large amount of my tasks don't require input from other employees in the office. Quickbooks knowledge is a must because the only way we can accurately determine our current financial state is if the information is entered correctly in Quickbooks.
Cons: Several tasks are completed over and over, month to month. The redundancy of these tasks gets to be difficult.

Bookkeeper in Amarillo:
"Work flexibility."
Pros: Flexibility.
Cons: Little interaction with others of my profession. No windows.

Bookkeeper in Newnan:
Pros: Work from home.
Cons: The pay.

Bookkeeper in Longview:
"Work flexibility, high stress level, small office."
Pros: Flexible schedule when needed. Casual dress.
Cons: Pay, stress, work load.

Bookkeeper in Arcadia:
"Inputting data & keeping track of finances."
Pros: It is a new experience.
Cons: My income.