Business Analyst, IT Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Business Analyst, IT?

Business Analyst, IT in Smyrna:
"Casual Dress Work Environment."
Pros: Flexible hours, casual dress, family oriented business.
Cons: No paid sick time.

Business Analyst, IT in Chicago:
Pros: Learning experience to grow my career.

Business Analyst, IT in Portland:
"It's a good job out of college."
Pros: The experience is good for a job out of college. There are things that should be improved if they want life time employees.
Cons: The culture clash between american and indian employees can be odd at times.

Business Analyst, IT in Ann Arbor:
"Company merging right now."
Pros: Good benefits, not great. Flexible for start times and taking time off.
Cons: The company is merging with Lafarge, it's closes competitor, so job security is questionable. Pay is lower then others of equal size. The future looks great for the company but not so great if your a lower level employee.

Business Analyst, IT in Durham:
"Be Happy with Ambiguity & Leading from "Behind-the-Scenes""
People leverage a BA to help make things make sense. It's still a very new role to many companies and firms and parts of it are very meta. Often while you are eliciting, defining, and documenting requirements and processes, you will be simultaneously demonstrating the process for doing so and standardizing it. Developers, Project Managers, Tech Leads, UX & Design and Business stakeholders are not always going to know where in the Venn diagram your contributions end that their's begin and vice versa. Job postings will often ask to be a project manager, a coder, a designer, a financial analyst, a "savior" of all things project and business related and you will have figure out (much like practicing analysis on the job) "is what they say they want, what they really need?" It's a rewarding job if you like solving problems, helping others, and serving something larger than yourself, but it's a "behind-the-scenes" gig so the ability to be happy with your invisible leadership is paramount.

Business Analyst, IT in New York:
Pros: Job Security.
Cons: Under Utilization. Under Appreciation. Non- Transparent Appraisal Process. Minimal Salary hike.

Business Analyst, IT in San Diego:
"Thnink ahead and always keeping an eye trending technoligies."
Flexibility and adaptability to fast and ever changing environment.