Business Analyst, IT Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Business Analyst, IT?

Business Analyst, IT in Auburn Hills:
"Team Work And Diverse Projects."
Pros: I get to help people solve problems they have with our software everyday and work with developers to make it better.
Cons: Stressful timeline that is hard to predict.

Business Analyst, IT in Lubbock:
Pros: I most enjoy the changes that each day brings. Nothing stays the same in the healthcare industry, and you have to stay focused every day.
Cons: I least like the lack of accountability that people want to take. It is very difficult to get certain tasks and projects completed when people do not want to take responsibility for them.

Business Analyst, IT in Hartford:
"Bridging Together The People And Technology To Drive Solutions."
Pros: Being able to work with people; understanding the system and gaining a holistic view of everything going on; using my creative mindset, I am able to come up with solutions.
Cons: Dependencies on other people mean that when you can meet deadlines is sometimes out of your control; there is frequent change because the customer does not always know what they want.