Business Analyst, IT Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Business Analyst, IT?

Business Analyst, IT in Madison:
Pros: Learning, growing, achieving goals, and seeing positive results.
Cons: Lack of organization.

Business Analyst, IT in Bethesda:
"Move up before AGE 50, advancement stops dead cold at 50Y."
Chase jobs if you are not moving up.

Business Analyst, IT in Brooklyn:
"Challenging, intensive and enjoyable."
Pros: Corporate culture, development, work flexibility.
Cons: Lack of direction.

Business Analyst, IT in Los Angeles:
"A great challenge."
Pros: I love the vast array of knowledge that I have gained just to be able to do my job. Bouncing from client to client, I need to learn (quickly, might I add) new skills and gain expertise in a new area so I can do my job well. It can be stressful at times, but I love the challenge, and feel I am a better all-around person now.
Cons: Sometimes my schedule is hectic, and it prevents me from being able to enjoy the things I like to do at home.

Business Analyst, IT in Yonkers:
Cons: Stress level, no work life balance, office place doesn't have an ergonomic setup for employees sitting 8+ hours and employees are developing carpel tunnel and management doesn't care, overloading work on one employee, unfair treatment, favoritism.

Business Analyst, IT in Vancouver:
"Large Learning Curve."
Pros: Interesting software and analysis to learn. And a diverse team of developers and analysts to work with.
Cons: The pay and sometime mundane testing periods of the software.

Business Analyst, IT in Oklahoma City:
"Great place to work."
Pros: Great Employer with a vision for the future.