Buyer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Buyer?

Buyer in Bryan:
Pros: I love the people, atmosphere, and culture. The team is more of a family and try to have fun when possible. Low stress.
Cons: Not challenging and the tasks have become mundane.

Buyer in Salem:
"Great Company."
Be nice to everyone.

Buyer in Downers Grove:
"Boring, monotonous, unchallenging."
Pros: Not a great deal of micromanagement, coworkers are cool, relatively low stress.
Cons: Same thing everyday, middle man, tracking packages, not making a big impact.

Buyer in New York:
"Current job review."
Pros: Work permit. Perks are very friendly.
Cons: Underpaid. Low benefits. Limited growth opportunity.

Buyer in Chicago:
"Assertive, driven Buyer."
Pros: The day to day fire drills.
Cons: Lack of structure.

Buyer in New Hampton:
"Negotiation skills."
Get your Certification. I has A lot of information. Sit in on webinars and any other free teachings to get you familiar with all aspects of the job. And most of all, work as a team player and be professional.

Buyer in Ripon:
"Accounting and Finance."
Understand how your job affects others. Learn basic accounting and finance. Sell yourself well.