Buyer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Buyer?

Buyer in Asheville:
"The job is great the environment, not so much."
Pros: I like how independently I get to work and how I am the one in charge of certain vendors. I like being able to get to the bottom of certain issues and negotiating with the vendors. It makes me feel good being able to stay on top of things and such.
Cons: I hate my bosses. I feel as though I am not valued. I feel my pay should reflect how much I do and I don't think my represents me correctly.

Buyer in Fremont:
"Buyer Planner Fremont, CA."
Pros: Analyzing data and troubleshooting.
Cons: The low pay.

Buyer in Portland:
"Good opportunities, but challenges from management."
Pros: Holiday is a huge nationwide company that provides a lot of opportunity to work on interesting projects. Having grown so fast in the last 10 years, there are a lot of areas that are ripe for improvement. For the most part, people are friendly and cooperative, but this also depends heavily on which department you work in.
Cons: Holiday is owned by Fortress Investment Group, a Manhattan hedge fund. The emphasis from Fortress is on optimizing cost in the next 12 months. Projects that address long-term cost are not considered. Management is promoted based on their connections to the c-suite, instead of experience and talent. This creates a lot of low-qualified micromanagers who work in lockstep with upper management. VPs and C-levels have some of the worst, least successful ideas in the company, yet they are rewarded with lofty paychecks and a multitude of perks. Lower level employees are severely underpaid and morale is low.

Buyer in Toronto:
"My payscale."
Try for tech field rather than tech comm field.

Buyer in New York:
"Be willing to seek and learn all you can in the field."
Finish undergrad college and continue education. It will help you advance in your career. Learn all you can about hospital materials systems. Learn how to maintain contract data. Learn the process of contract LOp. Learn the value of Hospital (Vat) value analysis -product committee.

Buyer in New York:
"Stay Upbeat."
Retail Buying is often riddled with social politics because many people clamour to break into the industry. Asserting your confidence, staying upbeat, and remaining calm in the face of changing priorities will keep people on your side. Even if you are an assistant, you should carry yourself like a leader: Act quickly, but don't rush. Be calm and proactive, don't appear flustered and reactive. And finally, keep gossip to a minimum.

Buyer in Norwalk:
Pros: Negotiating prices, setting up terms, etc.
Cons: Repetitive work, long hours on excel.