Buyer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Buyer?

Buyer in Springfield:
"Ups and Downs."
Pros: I work offsite
Cons: I miss the action at times

Management is overbearing and incompetent for the most part. The micromanaging is suffocating! And the pay is not worth the extra duties and responsibilities they make you take on. You may go in for one thing but end up working several different positions with no compensation. Pay raises, though annual are a joke.

Buyer in Seattle:
"City of Dreams."
Pros: I like the diversity Seattle has to offer.
Cons: For most people who work in Seattle, the parking is terrible.

Buyer in Baton Rouge:
Ask plenty of questions. Get to become friends with the guys in the shop and learn your material that you are purchasing.

Buyer in St. Louis:
Pros: Close to home and family. Good entertainment.
Cons: The crime. The Winter weather and humid Summers.

Buyer in Iowa City:
"Customer Service."
Pros: Different day to day, feel needed, feel I can save money within the company, making connections.
Cons: Stress level, lack of guidance, do not feel appreciated within my department.

Buyer in King of Prussia:
Pros: Being near the mall and all the restaurants.
Cons: How long it takes me to and from work every day.