Cake Decorator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Cake Decorator?

Cake Decorator in San Bernardino:
"Cake decorating is fun."
Pros: I enjoy being given the ability to decorate cakes as I like, allowing me to use my creativity.
Cons: Although I like being a cake decorator, I am not happy with the company I work with. I am the only cake decorator in charge of ALL of the cakes on display. I have no control over what to order and what not to order, for I am not a manager or a lead, and am always running out of product to make. For a period of time, the department I work in was understaffed and my employer had me do two departments (deli and bakery) at once. I have worked too hard and am not getting paid enough.

Cake Decorator in Chandler:
Pros: I love the cake designs I am able to do to please the customer. I love the people I get to work with and train in the bakery. I love watching the people I train and supervise grow with knowledge. I love the pressure that comes with the job.
Cons: Every job has its good and bad but there is honestly not a single thing I don't like about my job.

Cake Decorator in Dallas:
"Stress of a decorator."
Enjoy what you do enjoy creating and don't let the stress of the company you work for interfere with it.

Cake Decorator in Danville:
"Low pay raises."
Learn your craft, and continue to always learn new techniques and keep up with trends.

Cake Decorator in East Haven:
Pros: Get to work in a field that I love.
Cons: Don't feel appreciated or get paid enough for the amount of work I do.

Cake Decorator in Bastrop:
"All I have to say they treat there associates like crap."
Pros: I like the cake Decorating but I will never work there again.
Cons: Never ever work there again and I never felt welcome.

Cake Decorator in Philadelphia:
"How many hours you stand on your feet."
Work hard and be on time.