Cake Decorator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Cake Decorator?

Cake Decorator in Eagan:
"It is fun and creative."
Pros: The openness for creativity
Cons: Getting paid less than people when I perform better than them

Cake Decorator in Fayetteville:
"I enjoy it and recognition of my skilled experience is recognised."
Pros: My bakery manager schedules my work schedule around my disabled sons therapy school hours
Cons: Too many chiefs within co workers

Cake Decorator in Rockford:
"It's stressful an the pay is not what a experienced cake decorator dont get paid they r below average company that dosent pay fir experience."
Pros: Nothin but the benefit
Cons: No comment awful

Cake Decorator in Ponderay:
Pros: Customers
Cons: Disrespect by staff

Cake Decorator in Kansas City:
"Cake decorator wants changes."
Pros: It's were I was born and raised and where I shall stay.
Cons: Not traveling.

Cake Decorator in Fort Lauderdale:
"Very Hot."
Pros: Close to home!
Cons: Poor wages, No Unions or benefits.

Cake Decorator in St. Joseph:
"Small town small minds."
Pros: It's a small town atmosphere.
Cons: No real opportunities or activites.