Call Center Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Call Center Manager?

Call Center Manager in New York:
Pros: The diversity.
Cons: Transportation delays.

Call Center Manager in Houston:
Pros: Big City with Lots of opportunity. The economy is good.
Cons: It's hot. Lack of seasons. Hurricanes.

Call Center Manager in Tempe:
"Know your worth."
Never let a company under value you.

Call Center Manager in Bronx:
"Career path."
Learn as much as you can from those that report to you as well as those that you report to.

Call Center Manager in St. Paul:
"City life."
Pros: I like being close to places to visit for lunch. I like working in the city and having visibility to many different cultures.
Cons: The traffic to and from work is lengthily.

Call Center Manager in Princeton:
Pros: Helping patients get warm and efficient help from our receptionists and to assist my receptionists with ongoing knowledge to be their best.
Cons: Having staff who don't use common sense. Needing to monitor break behavior. Needing to make changes immediately but having to go through red take through admin to get what I need done.

Call Center Manager in Aurora:
"A little goes a long way."
Appreciate your people and reaffirm every few years.